The mainstream press generally focused on WikiLeaks’ founder

The WikiLeaks case is instructive. The mainstream press generally focused on WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange, picking apart his private life, his motives for leaking, and the legal wrangling over whether he could be prosecuted. Lost in the din was the substance of the information that was leaked pertaining to the shocking misconduct in Iraq and Afghanistan. Until it lands. Ominous Message from the Future: More like “ominous message from an alternate reality”; Daniel is able to bring back a warning from an alien civilization previously wiped out by the Goa’uld which simply states “beware the destroyers” followed by a gate address. Orbital Bombardment: Apophis’ chosen method of attack. Their relationship could never have worked. Strawman Political: Fraga is seemingly set up as a Strawman Liberal in the second movie since he represents all criticisms leveled at BOPE’s brutal methods. Sudden Principled Stand: Near the end, during the final search for Baiano, Renan expresses doubt when they start breaking down the doors of the innocent.

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